He is currently writing a book on civil war for Oxford University Press




Personal Details


Full Name: William Vincent Kissane

Title: Associate Professor (Reader) in Politics.

Department / Institute: Government

Date of Birth: 18 December 1966.




Level / Type Awarding Institution Date Awarded

B.A., (Hons) in Modern English and Sociology. Trinity College Dublin 1988

M.A. in Modern English, Trinity College Dublin.  1988

M.Sc. in Sociology. London School of Economics 1992

PhD in Political Science. London School of Economics 1998


 Present And Previous Employment

Lecturer (1999), Senior Lecturer (2005) Reader (2012) and Associate Professor (Reader) (2013) in Politics at Government Department, London School of Economics

1998-99 Tutorial Fellow in Comparative Politics at Government Department, London School of Economics.

1995-1996. Visiting Researcher and Part-time Lecturer at Sociology Department, Helsinki University.

1994-95 Tutorial Fellow in Comparative Politics, Government Department, London School of Economics.

1993-1995 Part-time Class Teacher in Government Department, London School of Economics.

1993-1995. Part-time class teacher at University of Greenwich, London.

1991-1992. T.E.F.L. teacher at Linguacentre Caracas, Madrid.

1988-1990. T.E.F.L. teacher at Kent English and Modern Egitim Tesisleri Istanbul Turkey.


Courses Taught

Introduction to Politics, Introduction to British Politics, Government and Politics of Ireland, Democratic Theory and the Inter-war Crisis, Nations and Nationalism, Comparative Democratisation, The Politics of Civil War, National and Ethnic Conflict Regulation, Introduction to Comparative Politics, and Doctoral Workshop in Comparative Politics).


  Past Research Grants


Sticerd Research Grant on the development of Irish civil society 2001 (£1000).

Sticerd replacement teaching grant to do research on Irish civil war, 2004 (£1000).

Two grants from LSE Teaching and Learning Centre to further Turkish language learning in Istanbul 2010-2011 (£1000-2000).

Research Grant from the British Institute in Ankara to do research on Democratization in Turkey 2011 (£1000).

Grants from the Government Department and LSE Annual Fund towards running an international workshop on The Reconstruction of National Identity after Civil War in Modern Europe (£6000).

Contributions To School Research Centres (if applicable)

Member of the Conflict Research Group, based in Government Department. Responsible for Public Lecture series 2010-13. Currently co-ordinator of working paper series.

Member of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism.

Conferences Organised in the Last 5 Years

Co convenor or ECPR workshop on Constitutionalism and National Identity in Modern Europe, Rennes France, April 2008.

Convenor of international workshop on the Reconstruction of National Identity after Civil War in Modern Europe (LSE March 2011).


 Conference Papers

‘Democratization, State Formation, and Civil War in Finland and Ireland’, ECPR Conference on Resources, Institutions and Civil Wars, Sweden March 2004.

‘Post Civil War Democracy in Finland and Ireland’, Mini Conference on ‘Size Matters: The Political Economy of Scale and Nation’, University of Pennsylvania, April 2006.

‘Small size and economic performance in Finland and Ireland’ Mini conference on Scale and Nation, Dartmouth College, USA, March 2007.

‘From People’s Veto to Instrument of Elite Consensus: the referendum experience in Ireland’, ECPR conference on Referenda and Representative Democracy, Helsinki, March 2007.

‘The 1937 Constitution and the decline of majoritarian democracy in Ireland’ Conference on ‘The Constitution at 70’ School of Law, Trinity College Dublin, May 2007.

‘Small States and economic performance: Finland and Ireland compared’ conference on Irish Developmentalism, UCD Dublin March 2009.

‘The 1922 Constitution in a European Context’ Conference on ‘Life on the Fringe?: Ireland and Europe 1800-1922’ Queens University Belfast, April 2009.

‘Democracy After Civil War: the divided power alternative’ Conference on ‘Is there an Irish Model for Peace?’ Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin May 2009.

‘Popular Sovereignty, European integration and the Irish Referendum’ Liechtenstein-Institut, annual conference on Direct Democracy April 2010.

‘The Nation as a zone of civil war’ Irish Political Studies Association, Dublin, October 2010.

‘A Nation Once Again?: The Reconstruction of National Identity after the Irish Civil War 1922-1939’ Conference on Nationalism and War, McGill University, Montreal March 2011.

‘Elections as a mechanism of deradicalisation in Ireland 1922-1938’ Conference on Radicalisation and DeRadicalisation, University of Bielefeld, April 2011.

‘Victory in Defeat? National Identity after Civil War in Finland and Ireland’, Conference on Nations, States and Conflict, University of Galway, August 2011.

‘Researching the Irish Civil War’, Conference of the Irish Political Studies Association, Panel on Evidence of Conflict, Dublin, October 2011.

‘Reconstruction without reconciliation after the Irish Civil War 1922-1945’ Annual Conference of the American Association of Irish Studies, New Orleans March 2012.

‘The Irish Border as a Constitutional Presence’, Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Nationalism and Ethnicity, London April 2012.

‘The Reconstruction of National Identities after Internal Wars in Contemporary Europe 1917-2011’ Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, Columbia University, New York.

‘Reconstruction and State Building in Contemporary Europe’ Conference on Civil Wars and State-building, University of Birmingham, September 15-16 2012.

‘Revolution and Civil War on the European Periphery, 1917-2011’. A.S.E.N. Conference, LSE April 2013.


Guest Lectures


Lecture on ‘The Concept of Constitutionalism and Irish Political Development’ Keough Institute of Irish Studies, University of Notre Dame, April 2006.

Lecture on ‘The Concept of Constitutionalism and Irish Political Development’ Hertford College, Oxford University, February 2007.

Lecture on ‘The Concept of Constitutionalism and Irish Political Development’, University College Cork, February 2008.

Lecture on ‘The Constitutional Revolution that never was: Irish Political Studies and the Sinn Fein movement’, Seminar on Contemporary Irish History, Trinity College Dublin, February 2008.

Lecture on’ Nationalism and Civil War in Finland and Ireland’ at’ Communities in Conflict; civil wars and their legacies’ conference, University of Swansea, September 2009..

Lecture on ‘The 1922 Constitution and the European Context’ Irish Studies Seminar Series, Senate House, University of London, March 4 2010.

Chair and commentator on ‘Nationality and Paramilitary Violence: Ireland and Central Europe,’ at conference ‘ Paramilitary Violence and the Great War’ , Trinity College Dublin, May 2010.

Presentation on ‘Lessons of the Irish Model’, Romanian Embassy, London, September 15 2010.

Lecture on ‘The Constitutional Moment in Irish Constitutional History’, Seminar on Contemporary Irish History, Trinity College Dublin, November 2010.

Presentation on Democratization and the new Turkish Constitution, Conference organised by Centre for Turkey Studies and Development, House of Commons, December 2011.

‘Political and Constitutional Issues in the new Parliament’, Arab Forum for Alternatives/Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Safir Hotel Cairo February15 2012.

‘Comparative Political Systems’, workshop with academics , MPs, and staff from Tunisia’s Constituent Assembly, Hotel Tunis, Tunisia, 6-7 April 2012.

‘Presentation on ‘Turkey’s Need for a Civil Constitution’, Doga College’s Fourth International Conference on Democracy, co organised with the Human Rights Association, House of Lords June 2012.

‘Consensus and Democratic Constitutions’ at Democratic Constitutions in the Arab World:Tunisia as a Model? organised by Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, Tunis, Hotel Carthage Thalasso March 29-2013.

‘Presentation on ‘The Need for a Civil Constitution in Turkey’ Doga School’s 6th International Democracy Forum, House of Lords, May 20 2013.

“Legacies of Civil War in Twentieth Century Europe’, Conference on Irish Civil War, Old Athlone Society, Ireland. Autumn 2013.

“Calls for a New Republic during the current Irish Economic Crisis’ Conference of Dissidence and Opposition in Contemporary Europe, Catholic University of Budapest, November 2013.


Administrative Experience.

1999-2002 Member of the Academic Studies Committee.

2003-2010 Convenor of main undergraduate course (GV101), Introduction to Political Science.

2004-2010 Founder and Convenor of Irish Politics Colloquium, a series of public lectures, partly funded by the Government Department, at the LSE 2004-2009. Speakers have included Ruth Dudley Edwards, Marc Mulholland, Eunan O’ Halpin, Brendan O’ Leary, and John Regan.

2003-2005. Organiser of departmental trip to Cumberland Lodge.

2007-2013 Convenor of Democratization stream on the MSc in Comparative Politics, Government Department, London School of Economics.

2007-2010 Organizer of Departmental Seminar.

2007-2010 Have acted as academic mentor for one member of staff.

2010 -12 Second Examiner for the University of London’s external degrees, Comparative Politics and Democracy and Democratization..

2011-12 Coordinator of the Public Lecture Series in the Conflict Research Group, Department of Government. Speakers have included Scott Atram, Richard Caplan, Pierre Englebert, Joost Jongerden, Sinisa Malisevic, and Neil Melvin, and Brendan O’ Leary.

2008- 2011. Have sat on appointment committees for Government, LSE Cities, the Methodology Institute, Department of Social Policy, and of Social Psychology.

2011-12. Member of the Steering Committee of the Comparative Politics section of the Government Department.

2009-2012. Shared responsibility for admissions to MSc in Comparative Politics.


 Professional Activities

Member of Irish Political Studies Association.

Member of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism.

Associate Fellow, Penn Programme in Ethnic Conflict, University of Pennsylvania, 2007-2011.

Referee for: British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Civil Wars, Comparative Education, Contemporary European History, Government and Opposition, The Historian, History, International Studies Quarterly, Irish Historical Studies, Irish Political Studies, Journal of Peace Research, National Identities, Nations and Nationalism, Politica y Gobierno, Political Studies, Review of Politics, Scandinavian Journal of History.

Have acted as external assessor for Blackwells, Oxford University Press, Palgrave, Profile Books, Routledge, Manchester University Press, and University College Dublin Press.

2010-11. Have done a series of radio interviews for German Radio ARD on the Irish economic crisis.

Give Oral Evidence on ‘Pathways towards codifying a written constitution for the UK’, with special reference to Ireland and Turkey, to Select Committee on Constitutional and Political Reform, House of Commons, July 2012

Employed as historical consultant for Talkback Thames, Great British Railway Journeys, Summer 2011.

Consultant on writing constitutions employed by Westminster Foundation of Democracy/Foreign Office, in Egypt and Tunisia spring 2012-213. Work involved meeting with politicians, attending conference/workshop and writing reports which were submitted to parliaments and their respective assemblies/comittees. Three reports/guides written (one unpublished).


Journal Editing and Editorial Board Membership

Associate Editor: A.S.E.N. Bulletin. Responsible for commissioning and editing articles on contemporary aspects of ethnic and national conflict.

Presently on Editorial Board of Nations and Nationalism. Responsible for copy-editing, suggesting referees, and advising on general policy.

Advisory Board Member of H Nationalism. Responsible for bi-annual interviews with leading scholars in the field.


  Honours and Prizes

Post-graduate PhD scholarship, L.S.E., 1992-1994.

Post-graduate scholarship awarded by Finnish Department of Education 1996- 1997 to spend a year at Helsinki University.

Selected as one of only two non-American participants in week-long seminar on ‘Constitutionalism’ at George Washington Law School, Washington D.C. 2007. 1994-1996.

Completed course, ‘Introduction to Conceptual History’, University of Helsinki Summer School 2009.

Co-convenor of workshop on ‘National Identity and Constitutionalism in Europe’ ECPR, Rennes, France, April 2008.

Lead article in Irish Political Studies: A Reader (Routledge 2007), a selection of the best articles in the journal Irish Political Studies, since its foundation.

Commissioned to write the bibliographical article on The Irish Civil War 1922-23 for Oxford Bibliographies Online, 2011.

Have been invited as expert participant in workshops on the Northern Irish peace process, held at the Policy Exchange 2009, Westminster, and Birkbeck College, 2011.

Give Oral Evidence on ‘Pathways towards codifying a written constitution for the UK’, with special reference to Ireland and Turkey, to Select Committee on Constitutional and Political Reform, House of Commons, July 2012.

Invited to write an article on the Turkish constitution-making process for a special issue on the constitution in Toplum ve Bilim (the leading socials science journal in Turkey).

Guest participant in confidential Round Table discussion on New Turkish Constitution with Kemal Kilicdaroglu, People’s Republican Party, Turley, House of Commons, February 14 2013.


Language Skills

Turkish: Spoken Proficient. Passed Advanced Reading Course in Bogazici University Summer Program in Turkish Language and Culture, 2010: Proficiency Exam; Final Grade 76: written component 65, spoken component 98.

Spanish: Reading Proficient: speaking basic.

Finnish: passive.

French: passive.

Irish: passive.


 Visiting Appointments

Visiting Researcher and Part-time lecturer at Sociology Department of Helsinki University, Finland. 1994-5.

Visiting Professor, Keough Institute of Irish Studies/Department of Political Science, University of Notre Dame, 2005-06.

Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of British Irish Studies, University College Dublin, Summer 2006.

Resident Associate, National Centre for the Humanities, Research Triangle, North Carolina, USA, Spring 2012.

Visiting Scholar, Nanovic Institute for European Studies, University of Notre Dame, Summer 2012.

Research Fellow in Research Cluster on Religious Accomodation, Human Rights, and Constitutionalism, Institute of Inter-disciplinary research, University of Bielefeld, June to December 2014.