He is currently writing a book on civil war for Oxford University Press

Professional Activities..

Professional Memberships.


Member of the Conflict Research Group, LSE.

Member of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism.

Member of the Editorial Board of Nations and Nationalism.

Advisory Board Member, H-Nationalism USA.

Member of the Irish Political Studies Association.


Policy Reports.

Constitutions and Processes of Democratic Transition. Report written (2012)  for the Westminster Foundation of Democracy,  in partnership with the Cairo-based Arab Forum for Alternatives. Together with  “Mohamed Elagati, The Egyptian political system: between   parliamentarism  and presidentialism, and Georges Fahmi’s,  The democratic transition in Egypt:  between  the politics of militarization and  the  Military’s politicization, this report was submitted to the M.P’s in the Egyptian Parliament and to the members of the constitutional assembly in order to inform the constitution-making process. All these papers were published by  “Rwaead”  (www.rwafead.com) in Arabic.


Principles for Legislative Drafting. Report  written with Professor Wassim Mansouri for the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Tunisia (2013), submitted to parliamentarians and civil society organisations to assist the constitution-making process.    Arabic publication.


Visiting Positions.


Visiting Researcher and  Part-time lecturer at Sociology Department of Helsinki University, Finland. 1994-5.


Visiting Professor, Keough Institute of Irish Studies/Department of Political Science, University of Notre Dame, 2005-06.


Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of British Irish Studies, University College Dublin, Summer 2006.

Resident Associate, National Centre for the Humanities, Research Triangle, North Carolina, USA, Spring 2012.


Resident Associate, Nanovic Institute for European Studies, University of Notre Dame, Summer 2012.


Research Fellow in Research Cluster on Religious Accomodation and Human Rights, Institute of Inter-disciplinary research, University of Bielefeld, June to December 2014.


Invited Lectures.


Lecture on ‘The Concept of Constitutionalism and Irish Political Development’ Keough/Naughton  Institute of Irish Studies, University of Notre Dame, April 2006.

Lecture on ‘The Constitution at 70’ Irish Politics Colloquium, London School of Economics, December 2006.

Lecture on ‘The Concept of Constitutionalism and Irish Political Development’ Hertford  College,  Oxford  University, February 2007.

Lecture on ‘The Concept of Constitutionalism and Irish Political Development’, University College Cork,  February 2008.

Lecture on ‘The Constitutional Revolution that never was: Irish Political Studies and the Sinn Fein movement’, Seminar on Contemporary Irish History, Trinity College Dublin, February 2008.

Lecture on’ Nationalism and Civil War in Finland and Ireland’ at’ Communities in Conflict; civil wars and their legacies’ conference, University of Swansea, September 2009..

Lecture on ‘The 1922 Constitution and the European Context’ Irish Studies Seminar Series,  Senate House, University of London, March 4 2010.

Chair and commentator on ‘Nationality and Paramilitary Violence: Ireland and Central Europe,’ at conference ‘ Paramilitary Violence and the Great War’ , Trinity College Dublin, May 2010.

Presentation on ‘Lessons of the Irish Model’, Romanian Embassy, London, September 15 2010.

Lecture on ‘The Constitutional Moment in Irish Constitutional History’, Seminar on Contemporary Irish History, Trinity College Dublin, November  2010.

Presentation on Democratization and the new Turkish Constitution, Conference organised by Centre for Turkey Studies and Development, House of Commons, December 2011.

‘Political and Constitutional Issues in the new Parliament’, Arab Forum for Alternatives/Westminster Foundation for Democracy,  Safir Hotel Cairo February15 2012.

‘Comparative Political Systems’, workshop with academics , MPs,  and staff from  Tunisia’s Constituent Assembly, Hotel Tunis, Tunisia, 6-7 April 2012.

‘Presentation on ‘Turkey’s Need for a Civil Constitution’,  Doga College’s Fourth International Conference on Democracy, co organised with the Human Rights Association, House of Lords June 2012.

‘Consensus and Democratic Constitutions’ at Democratic Constitutions in the Arab World:Tunisia as a Modell’  organised by Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, Tunis, Hotel Carthage Thalasso March 29-2013.

‘Presentation on ‘The Need for a Civil Constitution in Turkey’ Doga School’s 6th International Democracy Forum, House of Lords, May 20 2013