He is currently writing a book on civil war for Oxford University Press

Current Projects.

Reconstructing National Identity after Internal War in Modern Europe 1917-2011,  will be an edited book which originated in a workshop I organised in March 2011 at the LSE.   Under contract with Penn Press,  it is the  first  book to link the literature on nationalism, which   studies the reconstruction of identity, with post-conflict  reconstruction, especially after civil/ internal wars. It is also inter-disciplinary with chapters written by anthropologists, historians, political scientists, and sociologists.   There are case studies  of  Bosnia, Cyprus, Greece, Finland,  independent Ireland, Kosovo, Northern Ireland,  Turkey,  and Spain. The conclusion synthesizes the findings in terms of three issues: reconstruction as a topic with no boundaries, party system development after civil war, and the relationship between reconstruction and reconciliation.


Civil War: the Contemporary Challenge, is under  contract with Oxford University Press, and is due to be published in 2014. This project focusses on the wave of civil wars the world has experienced since 1945.   It gives a historical perspective on the political science literature this wave has produced,  and summarises that literature for an audience more used to historical studies of well-known civil wars, such as the Spanish civil war.  Specific chapters focus on definitions of civil war, patterns, causes, consequences, and recovery from civil war. The final chapter concludes with a discussion of three recurrent issues: the concept of civil war, the role of the state in comparative conflict analysis, and what the study of civil war tells about  human divisiveness,