He is currently writing a book on civil war for Oxford University Press




GV4B8 The Politics  of Civil Wars (post-graduate).

GV4E1 Comparative Democratisation in A Global Age  (post-graduate).

GV245 Democracy & Democratisation (undergraduate).


PhD Supervision.


Main Supervisor.

Heather Murchison, ‘Unmasking Cultural Protectionism: an analysis of the relationship between the nation state and culture in contemporary Canada. (awarded 2006).

Matthew  Whiting. ‘Defying Moderation: The Transformation of Radical Irish Republicanism, 1969-2010’.  (awarded 2013).

Ceren Lord. ‘Rethinking religio-politics in Turkey through the lens of Religious Majoritarianism’. (awarded 2014).

Pinar Dinc. ‘Collective Memory and Competition over identity in a conflict zone: the case of Deism’. (awarded 2016).

Corey Jentry, ‘Troubles Studying the Troubles: How and Why and epistemic community emerges’. (awarded 2017).


Advisor Role.

Nina Caspersen. ‘Intra-ethnic competition and inter-ethnic conflict:Serbian elites in Croatia and Bosnia, 1990-1995’. (awarded 2006).

Julianna Juzesi, ‘Explaining Irredentism the case of Hungary and its transborder minorities in Romania and Slovakia’. (awarded 2006).

Maria Hedayat, ‘ The ‘Exceptionalist’ collective imaginary, hegemonic battles and Costa Rican democratic institutional development from the 1820s to the 1960s’. (awarded 2014).

Richard Davis. ‘The making of an insurgent group: a case study of Hamas, fox populi and violent resistance’. (awarded 2014).